Kulthy(Horse gram) water for bladder stones and Kidney Treatment

Patients of Kidney and bladder stones are usually found in every home and known that are hidden in the kidney and bladder very effective calculus. 

Homemade treatment Ayurvedic medicines and household tips 

One very useful recipe Kulthy water. 

Horse gram(Kulthy) is a kind of pulse that will get the store a grocer near you. 

How is created by water and intake of water this Kulthy method

Take a large glass of glass to and make it 250 ml of fresh water and put dal 20 grams Kulthy place over the night. 

Soak for the next day again with pouring 250 ml of water in a glass of water to clean spoon running white cotton fabric filter empty stomach Pilen overnight soaked went back glass to these grains to 6 hours. 

Drink 6 hours then the water filter from running white cotton cloth with a spoon like the morning after. 

Soak up these grains again for night drink a third time once again 250 ml of fresh water and 6 running the hours after spoons and filter Pilen. 

Each of you can still eat chewing these seeds. 

Keep in mind that grains lentils 20 grams Kulthy taken once bringing in continuous use until further 3 times and be sure to re-new 20 grams of grain used to bring in 3 times. 

It is used constantly certainly benefit many patients with appendicitis repeat the kidneys and bladder from one to three months. 

Patients who frequently live kidney complaint to be bladder stones for their use, it proves beneficial equally. In addition, increased the use of intake Kulthy water will have seen blood pressure and enlarged all the benefits of cholesterol.
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