Home made Stamina Boosting Drink

Today health.vxpapps.com brings Stamina Boosting Drink for males which is natural and provides energy to males with increased sex power. Consuming it every morning is best for health. Stamina boosting Drink starts showing its effect in males with in a week only.

Ingredients for Stamina Boosting Drink 

1: - Cow milk 
2: - Almond 
3: - Dry ginger powder (dried ginger) 
4: - Powdered cardamom 
5: - Real saffron

Steps for Preparation of Stamina Boosting Drink 

Soak 10 almonds in clean water for overnight.

In morning rind of nuts of almonds

 Grind These almonds to sauce 

Take 200g Cow Milk

Mix almond sauce prepared earlier into milk

Heat Milk up to drinkable heat 

Add a pinch of cardamom powder, 

Add a pinch of real saffron 

Add 2 grams Dry Ginger Powder. 

Add Native sugar or Sugar as per taste

Stamina Boosting Drink is ready

How to Drink

Drinking This drink once every day is sufficient

It only began to show effects by taking ten consecutive days.

Points to Remember

The thing to keep in mind that the milk to the domestic cow and saffron should be real soon.

It only began to show effects by taking ten consecutive days. 

Healthy people can also get unlimited power by drinking it.
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