Body Regeneration (KAYAKALPA)

Word Kayakalpa means giving new life to body which is previously damaged by drinking, Smoking and other bad habits which effect human body adversely. A person who is previously ill from some time and now want his body in perfect condition then given method is more then useful for him. A Healthy person can also use below mentioned method to make his fitness better in polluted environment these days.


Take fresh gooseberry and Wash 3-4 gooseberry with fresh water 

Grater gooseberry 

Take a cotton fabric

Tightly put grater gooseberry and make 15 ml juice out of it. 

Mix 15 grams honey juice in it. 

Consuming mixture at morning on an empty stomach after mild exercise. Do not consume any thing for 2 Hours. But if required little lukewarm water can be consumed. 

Use this method for two consecutive months. People who wishing to stay away from all diseases and re-strong to weak are the body from diseases, it is simple to use with no less than any nectar.

Additional Benefits

1 - It is ultimate beneficial to the problem of metal destroyed semen relation disease consumption and urination. 

2: - It provides new blood in the body.

3: - If we follow the absolute celibacy if it consumed during the whole year who deserve the full potential of women resort. 

4: - The monthly fall irregular in women then it is beneficial. 
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